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Natural Pomade

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Natural Pomade

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Highland is a Plasticbank official supporter  Each purchase you make with us is directly responsible for preventing 100 plastic bottles (3.96lbs) from entering our oceans.

1.69oz   |   Low Shine, Medium Hold

A sustainably crafted and health-conscious pomade. Styles, cleanses, and conditions for a better daily routine.

Free Shipping, always. 

Each purchase you make with us is directly responsible for preventing 100 plastic bottles (3.96lbs) from entering our oceans.

Made in Denver, Colorado

Reducing our reliance on plastic:

Our container, from Sulapac, and the container labels are made of sustainably sourced wood and plant-based binders so that they are plastic-free and commercially compostable.

Our shipping mailer and labels are made from recycled post-consumer materials and are recyclable.

Being an official supporter of Plastic Bank, we've ensured your purchase will be directly responsible for preventing 100 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

This pledge stands in addition to our promise to maintain a 100% natural and sustainable product offering all around.

Beeswax - For hold, seals moisture into hair.
Vegetable Glycerin - For product feel. Softens, smooths, and retains moisture.
Kaolin Clay - Promotes circulation and detoxification.
Canadian Glacial Clay - Moisturizing, texturizing and cleansing.
Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes, conditions, protects.
Arrowroot - Removes excess oil and volumizes.
Shea Butter - Vitamin & Mineral rich. Promotes healthy sebum and growth.
Vitamin E - Natural antioxidant to promote scalp and hair health. Natural preservative.
Essential Oil Blend - Your new effortless aroma.

That's it.

Grab a penny-sized scoop, warm in your hands, and apply to damp hair. Style to your liking. There’s no one size fits all, adjust use and volume to your needs.

Highland will hydrate and condition your hair throughout the day, and cleanse it as you wash it out. Because of this, we recommend shampooing no more than once or twice a week.

"SO creamy and natural feeling. Ya'll crushed it with every aspect."
- Magellan R.

"I’ve been using it daily for a week now!…I gotta say I f***ing love you product…you’ve got a winning formulation no doubt…perfect travel size…has great hold and a non-greasy look…love the in hair smell."
- Oliver Z.

"Dude... so dank. Best pomade I’ve ever used. Smells fire. Holds perfectly wherever you want it.
Seriously top notch. "
- Edward J.

"Love the product. Exactly what I’m looking for as far as styling goes."
- Riley C.

"I love the hold and feel of this product. Feels like there’s nothing in my hair but holds it where I want it all day. Will definitely be ordering more."
- Colman G.

"I noticed a difference in my hair from day one. With longer use, I've noticed further improvement as Highland effectively tames my curls without an overly shiny or stiff look. Love the mission, the packaging, and the product."
- Cannon C.



Crafted with Care