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The little things matter. Individuality matters. Style matters. Supporting companies and communities whose values reflect your own and deliver on their promises matters.

We came to the realization that the over-engineered and chemical-laden products we were using in our hair didn’t align with these values. Sure, they usually work as intended -- but at the cost of our health and the well-being of our environment.

We resolved to create products in the absence of compromise that actually deliver on the promise of style. Now, after two years of meticulously iterating and innovating…Highland has emerged. Our products are inspired by nature and crafted sustainably from it's plants and minerals. Highland provides superior goods that promote healthy and happy heads of hair for people of all kinds. 

All industries produce waste, but the right voices and leaders in these trades can lead to positive and meaningful change. We exist to instill better values into styling products and the people that use them.

Your style, your health, and nature functioning in harmony.

Boone Whiteside, Ben Medalie, Anthony Lavdanski, Jack FitzGerrell



Crafted with Care