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welcome to highland

Fed up and disgusted by the toxic and lab engineered hair products that dominate our industry, friends Boone and Ben imagined a way to do things differently...

At Highland, we believe in individuality and in self expression through style... But we came to the realization that the products we were using on a day to day basis didn't align with our values. These toxic and harmful products not only deteriorate your health as you use them, but they deteriorate the health of our ecosystems, too. It became too much for us to ignore.

So we resolved to create prestige products that deliver on the promise of style without compromising on our values of health and sustainability.

At first, this looked like us ordering bulk natural ingredients online and formulating our Glacial Clay Pomade on our Denver, CO apartment stovetop to sell to friends and family... Today, our products are produced with only the use of natural, earth-based ingredients in Los Angeles, California and sold all over the country.

We're on a mission to create not only the best products on the market, but products that improve the health of your hair and scalp as you use them. Thank you for taking part in this journey with us.

Boone Whiteside & Ben Medalie



Crafted with Care