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Matte, lots of texture

This clay is easy to emulsify, gives medium hold with plenty of texture. It is not sticky. Of note, it seems only partially water-soluable, needs shampoo to remove from hair.

Styles great and has the best scent

Styles great and has the best scent

Definitely recommend

High quality shirt that fits perfectly! I'm typically super skeptical of brands that sell "merch" unrelated to their core product, but Highland crushed this. Their commitment to quality is clear.

And the stag logo is dope too, who doesn't love that?

New favorite product

This stuff is amazing, I was sold the first time I used it! Awesome hold without needing to use to much, and it smells great. 11/10

Glacial Clay Pomade
Jonathan D.
Best Product Ever

I’ve reordered this incredible product. My hair has never looked, and most importantly felt healthier. Please never stop making this stuff!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Jake Walterhouse
My new go-to!!!

I don’t typically use products because I like pliability & the messy look. Highland is the PERFECT product for my needs. The product is easy application with an easy rinse off in the shower. Will be a repeat customer! Hope to see more products in the future

Works great! Smells fantastic!

Glacial Clay Pomade
MN Naf! Salon (Jessica Skilar)
Awesome pomade!

I was sold by the smell! The sandalwood pine is so so so good and still subtle. It has enough hold for a whole day and still doesn’t end up sticky or heavy.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Pablo izquierdo
Perfect hair

Leaves hair nice. Doesn’t over power your hair looks natural

Glacial Clay Pomade
Lee Marrero
Quality grooming product

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of Highland Glacial Pomade. It has a great matte hold, healthy ingredients, and smells great. My new go to hair product. Thanks Highland.

Best Available

I have used, returned and thrown away so many different clays but this one is a keeper. Ingredients you know and can pronounce, super easy to uses, no crunchy dry hair. I honestly cannot believe how effective it is. Would love to see a few other scents for variety but this stuff is perfect. You will not be disappointed.

Love this stuff

Been on a lifelong journey to find the right product for my hair and this may be the one. I have medium-long very fine hair but a lot of it. This clay works great to give it volume and keep it out of my face. Smells great too which is a big plus.

Glacial Clay Pomade
So Far So Good

So far so good. The Pomade holds my short hair for a whole work day, which means no need to reapply. Doesn’t make your hair greasy or shiny. Also smells nice so thank you so far.

Highland Classic Tee
Ellicott & Co: Daniel Bayles
Awesome Shirt!

Really well made shirt. Nice and heavy, feels really high quality.

Finally, I’ve Found You.

I’ve been bouncing around different hair putty-like products ever since I started ridding my house of plastics and heavy chemicals. It’s been really difficult to find an eco-friendly packaged, ingredient safe hair paste/putty. I definitely balked at the price, but I’m so glad I gave this a shot, it smells amazing, has great hold, and doesn’t make my hair greasy. A little goes a long way, so I feel like it justifies the cost + the recyclable tin makes it the perfect product for me. Customer for life.

Perfect pomade

Love the feel and texture of this product.

Glacial Clay Pomade
True Essence Salon
Great Product

We love the consistency of the product and how manageable it is.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Justin Schafer
at last, the hair product i've been looking for

this stuff is _exactly_ what i've been seeking for years. it's got excellent ingredients, amazing texture, the right level of hold, and smells natural and refreshing. they've won me over.

Awesome Product

This one the best hair product that I have use . Hold’s hair great throughout the day and smells fantastic. If you’re on the fence of try it , definitely get it .

This pomade is great !

Glacial Clay Pomade
Lisa M Grinshpan
Love it

I love the refreshing scent and the shaping is fantastic when I style my hair.

Awesome Pomade

I love this pomade. It holds my hair naturally without the sticky buildup.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Nicholas Cerulo

The best product i’ve used after years of searching. And the fact it is all natural and healthy for your hair makes it even better!

Feels good that it’s good for my hair

Look, I’ve tried juuuust about every men’s hair clay I could get my hands on.

What I love about Highland is simple ingredients, it really seems to be hydrating my scalp and hair (!), and I love the earthy scent. Plus, I don’t have to apply much at all to get the shape I’m looking for.

Thanks for doing what you do, Highland Team! 👊🏻


Terrific feel, amazing scent. This is my new clay!

Great Pomade!

Smells great, good medium hold and best of all...good clean ingredients.



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