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Saved my luscious curls from turning into Afroman

I'm growing my hair out for the first time ever. Whereas the identification of absolutely luscious curls has been a positive in the experience, the awkward stage has been absolutely awful. The key reason? Even though my curls look great wet or damp, and even after drying for a little, they inevitably eventually start to lose their moisture and weight, and turn into an afro. I was introduced to Highland by a friend and decided to pair their pomage with my Prose Curl Cream. The result has been awesome. The Prose accentuates my curls and provides much needed extra hydration but then Highland keeps those curls in tact and gives them a nice matted finish which can hold longer in the day. I love the ingredients and their commitment to sustainability but the product results will keep me coming back.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Alex Benfield
Best Hair Product I've ever used

Not only does this pomade work better than any other gel or clay I've used before, but its also natural and good for my hair. Win/win

Glacial Clay Pomade
Ethan Macintosh
Great quality clay

Smells great and styles pretty versatile. Holds itself throughout the day well

Skeptical husband approved

Great product with great hold and no shine. Love the look the product gives.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Jacob Stone
A fantastic product with exceptional service

I need have quickly fallen in love with the pomade. It is exactly what I need for my hair. There are other products I was considering though. What keeps me as a customer is the service. I needed to have something on my order updated and within minutes of emailing the team the problem was resolved. I’d recommend you give them a try.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Chris Dapolito
Best product out there

All other hair pomades or clays look greasy or too shiny. This looks so natural people ask me if I even use product anymore. My scalp is healthier and never itches. My hair looks thicker than ever and I only have to wash it 2 times a week compared to every day before. This product is worth every cent.

Really nice*

I really like this stuff. It smells good, and does exactly what it says. I will say there's not a ton of it for the price (which is ok, given the quality). Finally, as someone with pretty thick hair, it doesn't have as much hold as I typically need, which causes me to use more of it. It would be wonderful if there was an extra hold version of the same stuff.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Mark Simonovich

Glacial Clay Pomade

Solid product

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. It’s easy to mix in your hair and at the end of the day your hair is not sticky or stiff. The hold is on the lighter side but I plan to keep using it. I’m happy with it.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Thomas Lotrecchiano
Good - waxy

It’s a nice Pom - good hold and feel, natural is a nice bonus. It’s a bit hard to wash out. It’ll be in your hair tomorrow if you don’t shower. Probably still had some after going in the ocean tbh

Glacial Clay Pomade
Jeffrey Montes
Great product!

Simple, Clean, and what they advertised. Great stuff!

Top notch hair product!

A great product that really does make the hair softer and healthier. Applying it each morning is like reliving the PNW hikes with the pine scent!

Great hair product!

I love this hair pomade. Just a little does the trick. It gives my hair just the right texture and I like that it’s not super greasy like some other pomades I’ve used.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Parth Patel

I absolutely love the pomade. It feels natural, and doesn’t leave my hair oily. Ingredients are great, and overall I recommend the product.

Like It!

So far so good. I like the hold, I like the short ingredients list.

Great product

I get particular with pomades but this is a great product, easy to style. Just wish it came in a bigger container! Interested to see if they start to make other types of pomades in the future because I'd be interested in trying them out.

Awesome Product

Glad I found this product, smells great and makes my hair feel stronger and softer than what I was using before, all while giving it the perfect hold!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Teresa Lane
Fun to use!

Great for spiky, fun & messy-
Or taming cowlicks! Smells great!

Best hair product

The first hair product I’ve used that keeps your hair extremely soft with amazing all day hold .

Glacial Clay Pomade
Scott Whitwell
Great Stuff!

Works great and I feel good that I am no longer putting bad chemicals on top of my head. It is a medium hold (not strong) and it can be combed/brushed through later in the day after morning application.

Glacial Clay Pomade First Time Use

I have been using the same product for many years, and my wife wanted me to switch to something with no artificial fragrance or chemicals. I wasn't happy about switching, but I was pleasantly surprised about how good this is. I won't be going back to my old hair product, and I plan on using this product from now on. I love this stuff! Holds my hair perfectly and I like smell too. I did a lot of googling before I bought this. If you are looking for a new paste or pomade then I highly recommend you buy this.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Thomas Bacewich
Glides and holds better than most!

Medium to strong hold with little shine!

Great Product

Works well, I'll be ordering more. Do yourself a favor and buy it!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Juan Mendez-Santos
Best Medium Hold Pomade

I was using the suavecito pomade before this and I can safely say I will not go back to using anything else after this. I love the way it helps style my hair. This is a low shine pomade which is what I like, the smell is amazing. It holds just fine throughout the day. It is worth the price

Glacial Clay Pomade
Brian Elledge
Very happy

All around terrific product!!!



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