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Based on 102 reviews
Glacial Clay Pomade
William Shea

Was skeptical at first having tried many off the shelf products. I was wrong, this pomade is amazing. The hold is superior and my hair consistently feels healthy and no product build up present. I will continue to get this product because there’s nothing like it!

Checks every box

Easy 5 stars.
Holds my hair in shape all day without sacrificing softness or the ability to run my hands through it. Doesn’t get greasy, even on day 2. The pine smell is great. Never used another product that checks every box like Highland does. Top class stuff guys!

FYI: I have thin, straight hair, but a lot of it.

Great product

my new go to for my hair.

My favorite product

Really like this stuff. Just bought my second tin. Just a few natural ingredients, smells great, easy to use, and gives me just the right amount of hold without looking greasy.

The Holy Grail of Hair Products

Tried literally ever product on the market. Works better than anything I've ever used. Simply amazing for fine hair!

not as medium

the medium hold claim doesn't "hold" up. get it? anywho, it's a beautiful & smooth product! feels good. smells good.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Revival Barber Collective
Great product!

This clay pomade is really nice. It gives light hold. It smells great. I love that it is all natural and good for the environment.

Great product!

Very good product, been using it for about a week now and really enjoy it!

Great stuff

Works very well!

Easy Switch!

Excited to share this with my husband and brother. They have already tossed out their regular (non clean) pomades. Both seem happy with the results.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Ben Robertson
Love it

This is the best hair product I’ve ever used. Great hold that lasts all day with minimal shine. Showering at the end of the day, you can feel a healthy difference in your hair almost immediately.

Glacial Clay Pomade
| Poppy Inmany |
My husband loves this!

I wanted an all natural hair clay for my husband. He is probably the hardest to shop for, but I was successful! He loved that it was a matte finish, the smell was mild and has a great sublet clean scent and his hair held together all day. We will be coming back for more!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Logan Mertz
Great product

Wanted product that didn’t have nasty chemicals and found this! Works great!

Feels Right

I have tried a bunch of different hair products and this is the first one that just feels right when it goes into my hair. It has a nice hold and is moldable after application. It smells of pine and looks great!


I’ve tried various clays/pomades and this has been the best so far. Was looking for a more relaxed look with texture and enough hold so that my hair doesn’t flop in front of my face

Great Product

Easy to apply, using a little daily. Happy the way my hair looks.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Peter Conrado
Amazing safe product!

I decided to try out highland because its a better and safer product to use than the other products I where using. Product has great hold, makes my hair look more natural and leaves me at the end of the day with amazing soft hair.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Alexander R
Simple, natural ingredients that work

I love that I know what is going in my hair and on my head and even more that it works. It smells good and has medium hold. I've also noticed less hair falling out since moving away from my previous product.

Best pomade out there!

Finally I have found the perfect hair pomade that doesn’t have harsh chemicals. Love this product and highly recommend it!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Ryon Thompson
Good stuff

This stuff is magical. It makes my hair feel great, no itchy head with my psoriasis. It smells great and gives me just the right hold. The only thing that I would do to improve it is make it a little thinner to work into my hair easier.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Noah Garson
Life Changing Product

I have to start by saying, I could not be happier with this product! After years of trying different hair clays, and gels I have finally found something that checks all my boxes. It has 0 chemicals so I know my hair is happy and it holds for hours while making my hair look incredible. I am constantly getting compliments on my hair when Highland is in it. One of the best things about this product is how it washes out in the shower. There is no residue left over, and leaves your hair feeling soft, silky, and healthy. I will never use another pomade again.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Mary Foster
Pixie Gal from NC

I love the Glacial Clay Pomade. I have a short pixie cut and a little of the product goes along way. Since I wash my hair every other day the product last long in my hair too. I love the feel, the gentle but good hold, the ingredients and the packaging. I really love the tin it comes in and I’m glad I’m not purchasing yet another product in plastic. The only thing that I don’t love is the pine and sandalwood smell. I like the two scents in general just not in my hair where I smell it all day. Even with that minor criticism Highland has a fan and customer for life in me! My hope is that in the future Highland offers a pomade in a citrus, herbal or unscented version. Five stars definitely then!

Matte finish, medium hold, delightful smell

Does what it says: matte finish, medium hold and smells amazing . Highly recommend and will buy again.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Joshua Sing

Best hair gel I’ve ever used. Perfect amount of hold, and low shine still provides a natural look. Love the smell of it as well. Just take a look at the ingredients of this hair gel vs your current products and the decision to switch should be clear!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Fantastic. After tens of products, this did it for me

I have curly/wavy hair, pretty thin and a lot of it. I have used dozens of different pomades to try and tame it and control my curls to a manageable shape and texture. So far this has been my favourite.



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