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Pomade review

This is a great pomade with a great hold and don’t need much when you use it. I recommend this to everyone!

Glacial Cream
Kalen Jaworski
Amazing product

Great feel and hold

Glacial Clay Pomade
Colton Thompson
Colton Review

I like it, it feels really nice and holds well

Glacial Clay Pomade
Jack T Hockenberry

Glacial Clay Pomade

Glacial Clay Pomade
Jared Cohen
Exceeded expectations

Best product I’ve found for my hair. I have very thick, wavy hair, and a widows peak, which makes it hard to style back. This product smells great, doesn’t affect my skin, and helps me to look cool with long hair!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Timothy Kannally

Finally, a strong hold that doesn't look wet, stiff, or sticky. Love it

Glacial Cream
Blake Norman
Bomb stuff

This stuff is great and was exactly what I was looking for. Keeps my hair clean and looking fresh.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Crash Ackerly

Good quality!

Great quality

Powerful stuff. A little goes a long way

Climate Positive Order

Best hair styling product I’ve ever used, by far the best.

Great over all product with all natural ingredients.

It holds my hair in place perfectly without any extra chemicals and ingredients I can’t even pronounce. The clay works nicely into my hair and allows me to style as I please.

Glacial Clay Pomade
David Litfin
It works!

Great quality and easy to apple.

Glacial Cream
Collin Cranston
Best hair product I’ve ever used

This product straight up changed my life, I’m never buying any other hair product again.

Really great stuff

Highly recommend!

Great hold, amazing smell, will buy again.

Works great!

Pretty good stuff!

Saw Highland hair products on Instagram by chance, and thought it looked good enough to give it a try. My hair looks the best when I have the glacial cream in it! Easy to apply, smells okay (very natural smell, but not bad) and keeps my hair looking good all day, usually longer. I will probably be buying more until I eventually go bald

Glacial Clay Pomade
Dario Khosousi

Glacial Clay Pomade

Works well. Not much needed. Thanks!

Better than expected!

The clay pomade's "performance" exceeded my expectations. Other pomades make my head/skin feel greasy, not Highland.

Great Product, Healthier Hair

I have never used hair products because i like natural hair styling and do not like the idea of using synthetics on my head.

I found Highland and decided to give it a try because of the ingredients list and some other reviews online. After using it for a week or so I am fully satisfied. My hair looks and feels healthier than ever, and the hold it provides for styling is very manageable and easy to wash out. I love the product and will continue to use it as my main one

Glacial Cream
Louis Kane

Glacial Cream

Glacial Cream
Nick Pasquarella
Finally found the right product!

Absolutely love Highland! I just bought my second jar of their Glacial Clay, and this time around I wanted to try their cream. After using it for about a week, my curls are coming out in all the right places, my hair feels nice to the touch, and the packaging is top notch! I recommend using both products- cream first, then the Glacial Clay!

Glacial Clay Pomade
Anthony Carmichael
Great stuff

Feels like nothing is In my hair which I love. A little bit goes a long way so even though it may not seem like you are getting a lot it should last you a while. Smells pretty good which is a bonus.

Glacial Clay Pomade
Mikel Zemborain

Very good



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