The Beginning...

Back in 2021, in the heart of Colorado, best friends Boone & Ben had a vision for a better world of hair care. An apartment stovetop, a seemingly ordinary place, became the birthplace of Highland, a brand attempting to evolve the meaning of proper haircare and hairstyling. 

Picture this: Boone meticulously ordering an array of natural ingredients, a mad scientist of sorts, fervently trying to concoct the perfect formula. The mission was clear—to create a product that not only delivered exceptional performance but also upheld a commitment to health and our environment. This trio of high performance, health consciousness, and environmental friendliness was a rarity in the consumer and professional hair world.

boone in kitchen

After numerous stovetop experiments and failures, something extraordinary emerged, something unlike anything seen before—the Glacial Clay Pomade. Made with only 9, all-natural ingredients, this groundbreaking product quickly gained momentum and found its way into barbershops and salons across the country, gracing the hair of some of the biggest names in the world. The recognition followed suit, with GQ and Esquire showering Highland with multiple awards.

The World-Class Vision

The initial vision for Highland was clear—to establish a health-focused product line that relied on science-backed haircare and catered to both men and women. While the Glacial Clay Pomade naturally skewed male, the response from a female audience was overwhelming. Testimonials poured in from women with various hairstyles, and interestingly, girlfriends of male customers were caught red-handed, stealing the Glacial Clay Pomade for their own use...

Designed with everyone in mind, the Glacial Clay Pomade is not just about style; it's about promoting hair and scalp health. This pomade goes beyond the conventional, hydrating and nourishing your hair throughout the day while adding pliability and softness with consistent use (GQ agrees). With a 24-hour medium hold and low shine, it stands as a testament to Highland's commitment to quality and excellence. 

Expanding The Family

Encouraged by the success and acclaim of their flagship product, the Highland team set out to create a second product that matched its predecessor's high marks. The goal was clear—to make something equally versatile, health-conscious and inclusive, with a special focus on catering to women and longer hair types.

Enter: our newly released Glacial Cream, a versatile multitasker that goes beyond simply styling to deeply condition and tame frizz, all while enhancing your hair's natural texture. This natural formula, developed for hydration and smooth styling, allows you to effortlessly achieve happier hair day in an day out. Whether you're styling freshly-washed curls or going for a smooth-styled bun/pony/braid, the Glacial Cream is designed for all hair types and textures. It is particularly well-suited for medium-long hair or those seeking a 'loose, natural look.' GQ even thinks it's the perfect product to help tame and hydrate the sought after Wolf Cut hairstyle (the newest craze) well as People Magazine singing their praises...

Crafted with precision, the Glacial Cream boasts a thoughtful composition of 15 natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. Each ingredient was carefully analyzed and selected to work together in boosting hair and scalp health, aligning with Highland's unwavering commitment to providing products that not only elevate your style but also prioritize the well-being of your hair, scalp and the environment.

An International Grooming Award Before Even Launching...

At the end of every year, GQ tests hundreds of beauty products and decides on winners for their international ‘Grooming Awards.’ And after the success of the Pomade, they were curious about the upcoming Glacial Cream. With no expectations, Boone and Ben sent a sample of the product (not even in its final packaging). A month later, an email from GQ popped into the inbox... not only did they love Highland's products but they solidified that the Glacial Cream would in fact be receiving a 2023 Grooming Award as one of the year’s best hair products… before even being launched to the public. 

This was even more proof that the best products in the world could also be the best for you as well. We're thrilled to present to heads everywhere Highland’s second ever product: Glacial Cream.

The Promise

Highland, with its origins on a humble stovetop, has transcended the ordinary to become a brand synonymous with innovation, excellence, and passion. As we continue to bridge the gap between genders, Highland stands tall as a brand that caters to the diverse needs of all individuals, making every haircare experience a journey of self-expression, performance, sustainability, and health.

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