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  • What is EcoCart?
  • How does offsetting work?
  • Examples of EcoCart projects
  • In conclusion

The carbon emissions from the global retail industry are enormous, contributing greatly to the climate crisis. Data suggests that consumers are eager to buy environmentally sustainable products, but retailers simply aren’t prepared to offer them. That’s where EcoCart comes in! In this post, we’ll give a quick rundown of this cutting-edge company and how their carbon offsetting system works.

What is EcoCart?

EcoCart is a revolutionary company paving the way for sustainable consumerism. Their dream is the same as everyone else's: to avert the climate crisis and preserve our home.

In short, if you choose to opt in during checkout, EcoCart will add 2% charge to your checkout total, and use that donation to fund leading offsetting projects around the world.

Let’s dive in further. 

How does offsetting work?

Once you checkout, EcoCart gets to work. Their proprietary algorithm estimates each unique order’s carbon footprint in real-time by looking at variables like shipping distance, package weight, and product type. With the carbon calculated, they determine the cost to offset it and add it to your total, if you opt in during checkout. It’s a complex process but happens in the blink of an eye (so it won’t slow you down while shopping).

Next, EcoCart puts the ~2% premium of your purchase directly towards pioneering sustainability projects. Located around Europe, Asia, and South America, these projects help facilitate the building and running of clean energy plants and more.

In effect, the same amount of emissions produced to create your online order is offset by a project we work with. In this way, your order is made carbon neutral, and we are one order closer to a sustainable retail industry. 

Examples of EcoCart projects:

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By supporting this portfolio, you’ll be funding verified projects like Saint Nikola Wind Farm, Brazil Hydropower, Sidrap Windfarm, Swiss Biogas, N2O Abatement, Vinales Biomass Power Plant in Chile, Methane Capture and Utilization at Carotino Palm Oil Mill in Malaysia, and many others. This portfolio helps generate clean energy and other technologies that combat climate change. 

Wrapping it up

Carbon emissions from online retail sales are a beast to control but it’s actually becoming possible. EcoCart gives brands the ability to cut emissions from their online sales with offsets.

This is just one of many ways Highland is committed to sustainability in the present and future-focused for generations to come. We’re always looking for new ways to be innovative and impactful and you can be sure that this is just the beginning for us. 

Give EcoCart a whirl for yourself here! Also -- if you've made it this far...good on ya. Take 20% off your total order with code 'carbongone'