Picture this: You're standing in front of your bathroom mirror... You're fresh out of the shower and start preparing to get your hair ready for the day ahead. You reach for the brand-name hair styling product that promises to hold your hair in place all day, give it that glossy shine, and make you look like you just walked out of a salon. It's slick, it's shiny, it's... synthetic. You realize that the gnarly, lab-formulated goop you're about to rub into your hair and scalp looks like it came from a toxic waste facility. The crazy part? It pretty much DID come from a toxic-waste facility...

In your sudden clarity, you decide you decide it's high time to invest into a higher-quality, healthier, and more sustainable hair clay styling product.. So you do some digging. And after finding that it has been winning awards from the likes of GQ and Esquire, you land on a website called Highland to look into their Glacial Clay Pomade... But before you pull the trigger on purchasing the healthiest and most high-performing hair clay on the market, you want to look into the benefits of switching to an all-natural hair clay... And here you are, so let's begin with the top 5 reasons your hair is practically begging you to switch to a 100% natural hair clay👇

First, allow us to debunk a commonly believed myth about all-natural hair clays... The myth: They don't work. They don't perform. While the non-toxic contents are a positive, these products simply don't provide the hold, shine or texture that the harmful, name-brand products do. 

Look, until recently, this wasn't even a myth... it was a fact. It was a fact that the highest performing hair products on the market were chemically formulated... It was a fact that Highland sought out to change -- and change it we did. 

Now, for arguably the first time in the history of man-kind, you can finally find a 100% natural hair clay crafted with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients that actually makes you look like you're fresh out of the salon or barbershop... Maybe that's why so many of the most prestigious salons and barbershops across the country have started carrying Highland's Glacial Clay Pomade?  

Reason #1 to make the switch to an all-natural hair clay: Reduce your exposure to harmful toxins & carcinogens...

The brutal truth about the consumer packaged goods and personal care product industry is that greedy companies take advantage of the under-regulated space by filling their products with ingredients that are detrimental to your health... both in the short term AND the long term. 

Many commercial hair products and hair clays (and almost ALL of Highland's direct competitors) leverage synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and formaldehyde-releasing agents within their formulations. In the short term, these nasty ingredients are linked to skin irritation, allergies, and reactions... But in the long-term they've been shown to cause hormone disruption and have been linked to all sorts of cancers. Cancer. Imagine thinking that the skin and haircare products we use every single day could possibly be worth the risk of developing serious health conditions, let alone potentially fatal health conditions... so yeah, the hair product you use actually matters. We're here to help you choose wisely. 

Reason #2 to make the switch to an all-natural hair clay: Promote your hair and scalp's health with each and every use...

When we sat down to re-imagine how and what an all natural hair styling clay should do, we saw a unique opportunity to do something different from our soon-to-be competitors. Their chemically formulated recipes aside, all of the products we looked at on the market did ONE thing: they styled your hair.

And yes, this is important. It's a damn hair styling product, after all... But we personally found it insane that not only were these toxic hair clays harmful for those who used them, but that they didn't serve any other purpose aside from style. 

We imagined a product that did so much more. Yes, this organic pomade had to make your hair look incredible each and every day... But what if simply by using our natural pomade daily you were actually simultaneously improving your hair and scalps health every single time you applied it? So rather than aiming simply for something that styled effectively, we started the formulation process by first researching organic and plant-based ingredients that are shown to positively impact your hair's health and the skin underneath it (your scalp). 

Through two and half years of testing, iterating, and a whole lot of failing -- we finally landed on a simple, 9-ingredient formula for the Glacial Clay Pomade. Each of these nine ingredients was thoughtfully and intentionally selected based on their health promoting benefits.

Fortunately for us (and for you), this 9 ingredient, hair health boosting formula does more than promote a healthy head of lettuce. It also styles better than any other hair clay on the market... Just ask Esquire. And GQ....

Reason #3 to make the switch to an all-natural hair clay: Turn heads -- look and feel your best.

So this is the part that's a little bit vein, and that's okay. It's valid to want the best hair in your crew... And Highland, in part, exists to help you achieve this. We believe that looking and feeling your best generates confidence so that you can go out and BE your best.

In the words of the great Deion Sanders -- who is doing a flawless job at our alma matter, CU Boulder -- "If you look good you feel good. If you feel good you play good. And if you play good, they pay good".

See, giving a shit about using a quality hair clay is about so much more than doing what's best for the health and look of your hair -- it's a statement decision about the type of person you are that trickles down beyond your luscious locks. It says that you give a shit about the products you use and the impact they have on your surroundings. It says that you demand the best and seek out performance in all areas of your life. It says that you are forward thinking beyond just the day ahead, and that you recognize cheaper doesn't always mean better -- in fact you recognize that it's an indication of poor quality that you just don't have the time for.

So, for Deion, buy an all natural hair clay that helps you feel confident enough to chase down your wildest dreams.  



Reason #4 to make the switch to an all-natural hair clay: Feel GOOD about the hair product you're using and the mission you're supporting.

In our industry, it's clear that ethics and morals aren't everybody's jam. But they are our jam... So let's quickly cover why Highland's Glacial Clay Pomade is the most sustainably and ethically crafted hair styling clay on the planet.

- Sustainable Packaging: Our pomade is packaged in 100% aluminum. One of, if not the most sustainable packaging options in existence. It's infinitely recyclable, meaning that when you recycle your Highland container, 100% of the material can be repurposed. No more single-use plastics.

- Sustainable Sourced Ingredients: Our 9 all-natural ingredients are sustainably sourced, meaning the creation and harvesting of these ingredients leaves the environment in which they are produced in-tact.

- Eco-Forward Partnerships: At Highland, we realize that by producing goods, we're actively creating a carbon footprint that wouldn't exist if we didn't exist. So in addition to working to push our industry in a more sustainable direction, we're also partnering with environmental organizations to offset our footprint and support those who are working to reverse the climate-crises at hand. 

- Cruelty Free - Always: This is a kind of wild thing to say, but our product and ingredient deck is so damn clean that it is safe enough to test on animals. That said, we're against all animal testing and find the use of animal testing in our industry to be disgusting and reprehensible. Highland has never and will never test products on animals. 

So when you buy our Glacial Clay Pomade, the best hair clay on the market, you can have peace of mind and confidence in the brand you've supported and in the product you're using. It's okay -- you're with the good guys now. 

Reason #5 to make the switch to an all-natural hair clay: Because ours is actually natural. Like 100% f*cking natural.

Sadly, there are far too many companies and corporations that have caught on to the trend of consumers becoming more aware of the quality of the products they use and seeking out healthier options. This has resulted in countless disingenuous and predatory company's using language like "natural", "organic", and "toxin-free". It's a deceptive technique that harmful products have leaned on to continue selling you sub-par products that still have potentially disastrous impacts on your health. 

"Made with natural and organic ingredients" doesn't mean that it is made with ONLY natural and organic ingredients -- yet it accomplishes the deceptive goal of leading consumers on to believe they are making healthy and sustainable choices in purchasing these goods and stuffing the pockets of these greedy organizations. 

It's not fair, but it's up to the consumer to do their due diligence and look beyond these trendy, healthy phrases. It's up to you to dig in and research the ingredients a specific product uses. It's up to you to find the companies who practice what they preach and are actually looking to make a difference within our flawed industry. 

With our Glacial Clay Pomade -- and with our commitment to true transparency -- we've gone the extra mile to make it easy for people looking for an all natural and healthy hair clay. We use very few ingredients. We use recognizable and pronounceable ingredients. And we use ingredients that come directly from the earth. We use ingredients that are 100% natural. So when you buy our natural hair clay, you're actually getting a natural hair clay -- not a clay that contains something natural. Because your head deserves it ;)

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